What People are Saying

I’m not a rich or famous person endorsing this book.. I’m just one of millions of dog owners who prowl the pet stores in search of better products, ideas and knowledge to improve our puppy’s lives.  Ms. Pilon’s book is like finding gold. Her stories are “slices of life” we can all relate to. She will touch your emotions, give you ideas and remarkable insight into who our four-legged friends really are. I will buy this book for every friend I know who shares my love for dogs – Denise W. Rowland

“Sitting down with a good story is a blessing in disguise!  It is a gift to have these stories of Unconditional Love and how the dogs share their love and wisdom with us.  I thank Blenda for her courage to write about her experiences.” – Loesje Jacob, Owner of Linking Awareness: Intercellular Communication…A Healing Journey.  Int’l Body Talk for Animals Instructor/Trainer

“Our Bichon Poo is featured in the story Doggie in the Window.  As we read Blenda’s stories, it is as if she is talking to the dogs.  Blenda brings the dogs to life so we hear what they are saying and thinking.  Her stories are delightful, loving and playful. – Joyce and Eric Powell

For many years, I have known Blenda and her healing work with animals.  DOG SECRETS as Whispered to the Dog Sitter is a fantastic inspiration.  I highly encourage you to read Blenda’s unique heart-warming stories.  Once you start, you won’t be able to put them down.”  – Julie Bindas, author of Thy Kingdom Come, a life story of her walk in the wilds with animals.



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