About the Author

Blenda Pilon - Author of Dog SecretsBlenda Pilon was born in Jamestown, NY, raised in a prestigious suburb outside NYC and blessed to be raised by loving parents who provided their three children with a dog.  This set the stage for Blenda to be attracted to working with dogs.

Blenda received her MSc in Counseling from Indiana University in 1968, and shortly after received a degree as a hypnotherapist.  She started off her career as a Guidance Counselor in Pennsylvania.  Blenda then went on to travel and eventually open up her own private practice called Professional Clinical Therapy in Vancouver, BC, where she specialized in relationships for seventeen years.  Blenda and her husband, Raymond, brought into Canada the work of Dr. John Gray, author of the renown Mars and Venus best-selling books.  In her private practice, Blenda saw over 6,400 clients successfully and her book called “Falling in Love and Staying in Love” was endorsed by Dr. Gray.

In 2000, Blenda retired as a counselor and together she and Raymond became co-ministers in the Centers for Spiritual Living church in Virginia Beach, VA.  Four years later they retired and traveled for another six years until finally settling in Victoria, BC, Canada.  Now Blenda is following her passion of learning more about Unconditional Love in a way that she thoroughly enjoys, and that is by devoting herself to working with dogs.  After dog sitting for three plus years, she is launching her new book entitled, “DOG SECRETS as Whispered to the Dog Sitter. It is a series of heart-warming stories in which the dogs whisper to Blenda their secrets of Unconditional Love.  As one reader said, “Ms. Pilon’s book is like finding gold. Her stories are “slices of life” we can all relate to.  She will touch your emotions, give you ideas and remarkable insight into who our four legged friends really are.”

Blenda desires to share what she and other Dog Lovers have learned about unconditional love.  She says that one of the most cherished gifts the dogs have taught her is to have fun.  Keeping this in her thoughts, Blenda is designing her website so it is playful with many laughs included.



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