This exciting and unique website, Dog Secrets Whispered, is an interactive site for Dog Lovers.  The purpose of Dog Secrets Whispered is to entertain, educate and bring together Dog Lovers, their ideas and their products/services.  Our intention is make Dog Secrets Whispered the best of its kind: a safe haven for Dog Lovers where there is a sense of family and joyful participation.

I imagine you have heard the saying “Dogs are our best friends!”  As the founder of this site, I believe this saying came about because dogs are notorious for loving us unconditionally.  These furry four-legged fur balls treat us like the person we want to be.  Armed with their love, we can become that special person we always desired to be.  We are the Masters, and dogs are our Teachers!  It is rather uncanny, but we attract the very dog that is uniquely right for us!

Having said this, please enjoy browsing the site and participate wherever & whenever you feel moved to.  Everyone involved with this site looks forward to your comments, suggestions, and new ideas.

Now, onto your Dog Lovers adventure!

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