By Blenda Pilon, the Dog Sitter

Carly, a wonderful Golden Retriever arrived at my doorstep for dog sitting when she was four months young and full of life.  After enjoying her company three days a week for twenty months, Carly is leaving.  She is going to stay at home with her Dad who has just retired.  I am happy she is going to be with her dad who loves her dearly.  Carly couldn’t have a better home.  Myself, however, I am already lonely because I know I will miss Carly.  Funny, when a dog who has been with me for a long while leaves, I focus on those wonderful times we shared together.  My home feels empty, like something is missing—not as it should be.  My experience reminds me of the Empty Nest Syndrome parents experience when their children grow up and leave home.

What am I going to do about this?  I’m going to share some pictures of Carly with you as a tribute to this great dog.  Then I’m going to bless her on her journey, and be thankful for those occasions when her parents do leave Carly with me for dog sitting.  If you want to know more after looking at the pictures, please read the SHORT EXCERPTS under DOG SECRETS BOOK, and better yet, grab your own copy of DOG SECRETS as Whispered to the Dog Sitter. Take advantage of the special book offer.


Carley,Scruffy,RascalBlThis is a picture of Carly in the back yard playing with friends Rascal and Scruffy.  Carly says, “Hey you two little pups, I’ll give you a run for your money and show you who is boss.”








Have you ever seen a dog so happy?  Carly runs round and round in circles greeting her Mom and Dad when they arrive to pick her up. Carley says, “Dog sitters may be good, but there is nothing like Mom and Dad…at least when they are such great parents and spoil me to the place I like to be accustomed to.”





Carly- Gentle, Powerful, Totally At Peace

Carly- Gentle, Powerful, Totally At Peace

After her run, Carly lays down content.  Carly says, “Look Mom and Dad!  See, I love you truly.  Thanks for spoiling me.  Take me with you. I promise to be good!  See, I am irresistible-right?”

Carly's Second Birthday!

Carly’s Second Birthday!


This picture is of Carly wearing her ribbon on her second birthday.  She is a bit sad because it was taken near the window and she could hear the sound of her Mom’s car coming into our driveway to pick her up.  Instinctively Carly knows when it is time for her to go home.  Much as she loves being with me and my husband, there was no place like home with Mom & Dad.


 Carley in her Regal Majestry

Carley in her Regal Stance

                               This last picture shows the real deal: The Regal Golden Retriever Princess.

Now that Carly is gone and I don’t like feeling lonely, I’m going to do something to change my situation.  I know when I change my thoughts, my experiences change.  First thought I will change is that being lonely is sad.  I will replace this thought with how fulfilling it is to have some one-on-one quality time with Lacee who loves the attention.  During this more quiet time, I will imagine that another dog is coming for Doggie-Day-Care.  I will continue this imagination process until the picture is so clear and real that it takes on a life of its own attracting another dog or situation that is perfect for me.  This will be a fun process.  As the people in South Carolina where I used to live say, “Watch what you think, for you will think it into existence!”  What is your opinion?  Think I can do this?

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