Smart Dogs are More Fun! Right?

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Luna is a gorgeous, good sized German Shepherd. Frank, who is my partner, is the owner of Luna. My name is Karen. Both my partner and I are retired and living in Fort Myers, Florida. A few years ago you wouldn’t have caught me dead with a dog in my life—especially a big dog that would be allowed to … [Read more...]


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Even though Rascal is AN ALIEN DOG and a purebred Rascal, both Raymond and I grew to love him more and more each day. Being Senior citizens, Rascal is just what the doctor ordered to give us a touch of humor and playfulness. For example, when we are eating dinner Rascal is sure to position himself … [Read more...]

Cookie Doesn’t Like My Husband’s Friend!

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Dear Splenda, When my husband’s best friend is named Jake.  When Jake comes over to the house, he is loud and sometimes swears.  My dog, a Caribbean Sea Princess from Costa Rica named Cookie, does not like Jake and either runs and hides under my feet or in another room.  What can I do to change … [Read more...]

Brandy, the Day After

Brandy at Bow of Boat

Brandy, the Day After by Captain Skip Rowland We have had three Cavalier King Charles spaniels over the last twenty four years.  Here is a story about the first one, Brandy. Three years into a circumnavigation abroad our forty three foot sailing yacht, my wife, Denise, was seriously missing … [Read more...]

Home Away From Home

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CHECK US OUT!  As one lady who has had her dog with us for three years said, "This is hands-down the best Doggie Daycare." Dogs love staying with us for doggie daycare, week-ends, and while their parents are away.  They become our family members and are treated with love and respect.  Having … [Read more...]

What Does It Feel Like to Have Nine Baby Pups?

Vicky & Pup

By Blenda Pilon, author and dog-sitter The date is October 25th, 2013.  When I walked into the Mama Sheltie’s bedroom the first thing that captured my attention was the proud, stately look of Vicky, the mother.  She was the epitome of a caring mother glad to share the wonder of her pups with dog … [Read more...]

Sparkey, the Perfect Dog?

The Perfect Dog?

As Whispered to Blenda, the Dog Sitter Sparkey whispered to me, Blenda, who is his occasional dog sitter and friend, “My mother is sure I am the perfect dog.  Sometimes she embarrasses me the way she stops and tells people who are looking to get a dog to choose a dog like me.  You know what I mean, … [Read more...]

Riley, It’s Play Time!

Riley seemed happy to discover a playmate with whom he could play. If I could read Riley’s mind based on his behavior, he would be saying, “For so long I have had healing responsibilities that I forgot what it was like to be a puppy dog. This is great stuff. I really dig being a puppy dog. Thanks … [Read more...]

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