Cookie Doesn’t Like My Husband’s Friend!

Dear Splenda,

When my husband’s best friend is named Jake.  When Jake comes over to the house, he is loud and sometimes swears.  My dog, a Caribbean Sea Princess from Costa Rica CIMG6242 (3)named Cookie, does not like Jake and either runs and hides under my feet or in another room.  What can I do to change this scenario?   Diana


Dear Diana,

If you have read my book or the Snippets that are on this website under Books, you will know that I believe I can talk to dogs.  Having said this, I would talk with Cookie and let her know that Jake is your husband’s friend, and because he is a friend that he is a Good Guy!  I would explain to Cookie that some people are just plain loud because that is the way they are.  Then I would confide in Cookie that I understood her feelings.  I would tell Cookie that as her buddy and as a way of helping, I was going to go put on some soft music to change the atmosphere.  This would be my subtle method of calming down Jake without his even realizing what was happening.

After seeding the atmosphere with calming music, I would do something that would enable Cookie to follow me, and potentially attract both of them to be with me in the same room.  Then while in the kitchen, I would start cooking up some good smelling chicken that would invite both Cookie’s and Jake’s mouth salivating for a taste.  I would suggest to Jake that he give a piece of the delicious chicken to Cookie.

The first time that Cookie responded positively to Jake, I would let Cookie know I approved of her actions.  I would give Cookie a love pat, and tell her what a good girl she was.  Of course, I would talk to Cookie in gentle tones.

When I believed it was obvious to Jake that Cookie was responding better to him, I would suggest to Jake that he talk softly to Cookie.  Also, I would add some humor by asking Jake, “Do all the girls snuggle up to you when you talk tenderly?”

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