What Does It Feel Like to Have Nine Baby Pups?

By Blenda Pilon, author and dog-sitter

The date is October 25th, 2013.  When I walked into the Mama Sheltie’s bedroom the first thing that captured my attention was the proud, stately look of Vicky, the mother.  She was the epitome of a caring mother glad to share the wonder of her pups with dog loving people.  What amazed me was that these nine pups who were just five days old were all carried by Vicky in her tummy.  Just imagine what we women would do if we gave birth to nine babies all at once.  One thing for sure, we would be seeking out lots of help.

Vicky & Pup

Vicky’s main support was her owner, her Mom.  Vicky’s mom named Petra, saw Vicky give birth and said it was a long ordeal lasting most of the night.  Petra then told me that the real hard part came after the birthing.  While Vicky was co-operative and always ready to feed her little pups, there was one little pup who was not able to breast feed and often pushed aside by the other pups as they scrambled for food.  Consequently, Petra got the formula for milking and every two hours fed the struggling pub through an eye-dropper.

Petra told me, “ It is tiring to be feeding during the middle of the night when I have a full time job and am getting ready to go abroad in a couple of days for a work contract.  Nevertheless, I make it my loving task to feed the little runt of the litter in hopes that he will survive.”

After eight days of feeding and the day before she was leaving for her trip, Petra told me “The little runt of the litter is going to survive and no longer needs to be fed by the eye-dropper.  He is able to feed directly from Vicky.”

What a divine miracle.  One beautiful female show-dog Sheltie who is two years and eleven months old gives birth to nine puppies and they all survive.  The Mama Sheltie is proud.  She shares her pups with dog loving friends, and then after they are properly weaned is willing to give them up to people who want her pups.

“WOW!” I marvel to myself, “Can I even imagine a human being who after raising nine little babies would be willing to give them all up for adoption?”

My answer is that in my wildest imagination I cannot phantom any human Mother willing to give up nine children for adoption unless there were some severe emergency conditions.  This brings me into a total state of awe regarding the absolute Unconditional Love that Vicky demonstrates.  WOW!  Just think!  This sweet, feminine dog (probably like all Mother dogs) is willing to give up her children so they can have loving homes or be sold to humans who want them.

In humbleness, I thought to myself, “As a human, I am double blessed to have been a small part of Vicky’s pregnancy.  Her mom, Petra, was again away on a business trip and entrusted Vicky to me.  When she left Vicky with me she said that she was not sure, but that perhaps Vicky was pregnant.  Petra explained that she had breed Vicky with a regal sire named Uno, but didn’t think that the breeding had been successful.”

I then remembered my time with Vicky:  After Vicky had been with me a little over a week she was ravenous for the chicken I was eating and wouldn’t touch her normal food.  When I intuitively asked Vicky what was happening, she responded, “I am pregnant and need the protein to feed my little pups.  Please help me!  I want to provide them with good nutrition and keep up my own energy.  I know you experience my maternal feminine energy as you rub my belly and feel my tender skin and slight swelling.”

In response to Vicky’s request, I spoke with Petra.  She told me that Vicky was undoubtedly pregnant.  Petra asked me to start feeding her a diet of chicken, rice and cottage cheese.  For three more weeks while Vicky was with me, she ate like a Princess and was treated accordingly.  Having lost a child, I felt even more of a divine blessing to be a part of Vicky’s pregnancy, even for a short while.

I plan to keep in touch with Vicky and Petra.  It is a pleasure to be able to give love, support and appreciation to such a fine Canine Princess who has given so much of herself.

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