Sparkey, the Perfect Dog?

As Whispered to Blenda, the Dog Sitter

Sparkey whispered to me, Blenda, who is his occasional dog sitter and friend, “My mother is sure I am the perfect dog.  Sometimes she embarrasses me the way she stops and tells people who are looking to get a dog to choose a dog like me.  You know what I mean, Blenda, because she did this when you were with us at the local Pet Fair.”

The Perfect Dog?

The Perfect Dog?

I responded, “Yes, Sparkey, I understand.  You know, however, your Mom really believes you are the best breed and the best dog anyone could want.  She tells everyone who is looking for a dog to be sure to get a Bichon-Shitzu just like you.  She says you don’t shed, are even tempered, and would do anything to please her, your master.  She says this is the nature of your breed.  Do you agree?”

Sparkey responded, “I have to admit, what my Mom says is true.  What she failed to mention, however, is that I absolutely love to explore”.   Sometimes she gets real upset when I get sand or mud in my feet or it gets into my hair.  Then my mom, as if she owns every inch of me, thinks she has to wash off my feet and soak my hair until it is all clean before I enter the house.  Really, I would be just fine without her taking the effort to clean me up.  My mud would eventually dry and cake off.  Heck!  After all I’m a D_O_G!”

“Sparkey,” I said, “I know you appreciate how clean your Mom keeps your home.  As your friend, I suggest you meet her half way.  Do your best to avoid the mess of sand and mud.  If it can’t be helped, well perhaps your Mom will love you  more if occasionally she has to wash you off before you step foot in the house.”

“Okay!  I’ll try to be more careful.  I hope she accepts me as I am.”

“Sparkey, your Mom has told me a story about you that brought tears to my eyes.  One day this summer I asked your Mom if you were still following her around like a shadow.  Your Mom said that you weren’t.  I was very surprised and so asked her what had happened.  She said that before her daughter had gotten results back from the doctor about being pregnant, you started following her daughter around.  Your mom said that you stopped sleeping with her and instead took up residence in your daughter’s bed.  You would not let her daughter out of sight from the moment she can in the door to the moment she left for work the next day.  Even before her daughter got her official results from the doctor that she was pregnant, you knew her daughter was pregnant and started sticking to her like glue.  You wanted to make sure her daughter and the baby were safe.  You became the faithful dog providing an atmosphere of love and caring.”

“Well,” said Sparkey, “that is true, but I don’t see what is so special about that.  It is simply my Nature and I care.”

“That is exactly the point, Sparkey.  To me you may be a great breed of dog, and that is neat.  What really sold me on your being a SPECIAL DOG is that you intuitively knew about the pregnancy and were there heart and soul to help.  What a wonderful gift you gave.  Every time I think about how faithful and caring you have been, my eyes fill with tears of admiration.  To me, your heartfelt caring makes you a TOP DOG!  Now, don’t look at me as if to say to me that what you did is nothing.  Sparkey, I assure you that your acts of kindness are monumental. You are a great dog.  ACCEPT and remember that you have proven yourself to be a TOP DOG! Notice I did not say a Perfect Dog!  After all, I wouldn’t want to deny you your mischief.  Now, go back to the beach and have fun.  Go play!”

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